Staff Council 2023-24 Meetings and Newsletters

Staff Council meetings are held from September to May starting at 12 noon. Meetings are attended by our Staff Council Representatives across the University and invited guest speakers. Full Council Meetings will be held in person or on Zoom, and the meeting mode is addressed in the list of dates below. The Staff Council represents all staff and focuses on our shared issues and concerns. If there is a topic of interest that you would like the Staff Council to explore, we would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, September 12; noon-1 pm - Orientation for new Members (Virtual)
Orientation Presentation 20230912sc.orientation.min.pdf

Tuesday, September 19; noon-1:30 pm (In-Person)
September Meeting Minutes 20230919sc.sept.kickoff.pdf

Monday, October 16; noon-1:30 pm (Virtual)
October Meeting Minutes  20231016sc.fullcouncil.min.pdf   

Monday, November 20; noon-1:30 pm (Virtual)
November Meeting Minutes  20231120sc.fullcouncil.min.pdf   

Wednesday, December 13; noon-1:30 pm (In-Person)                                                                  December Meeting Minutes  20231213sc.fullcouncil.min.pdf  

Monday, January 22; noon-1:30 pm (Virtual)
January Meeting Minutes  |  January Newsletter

Monday, February 19; noon-1:30 pm (Virtual)
February Meeting Minutes  |  February Newsletter

Monday, March 18; noon-1:30 pm (Virtual)
March Meeting Minutes  |  March Newsletter

April 15-19; noon-1:30 pm (TBD In-Person) Spring Leadership Social
April Meeting Minutes  |  April Newsletter

Monday, May 20; noon-1:30 pm (Virtual)
May Meeting Minutes  |  May Newsletter

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