Your Staff Council Executive Team

2023-2024 Executive Board

Shervon Lewis

Campus Services

April Cooper Edwards
School of Medicine

Immediate Past President:
Dawn Francis-Chewning
Emory Libraries

Beth Bradshaw Ghavidel
School of Medicine

Liz Carlino

Campus Life

Morieka Johnson

Emory Police Department

DEI Coordinator:
Kelly Garner Shannon

Candler School Of Theology

Communications Chair:
Salome Bowes
School of Medicine

Lot Bercasio
School of Medicine

Kelly Garner Shannon
Candler School of Theology

Hardship Fund Chair:
Nina Acosta

Campus Services

Membership Coordinator
April Cooper Edwards
School of Medicine

Representative Members

Council members are responsible for attending the monthly meetings of the Council, serve on a standing committee, and distribute information regarding the Council to their constituents. Members also bring issues of concern from their constituents to the Council.

Organizational heads are responsible for the selection of Council representatives and alternates from their areas. Representatives serve a two-year term. New representatives will begin their terms in September. "Class A" representatives may serve as Council representatives for an unlimited number of terms, though no more than three (two-year terms) consecutively. "Class B" representatives are ex-officio and may serve for an unlimited number of terms at the discretion of the person appointing them.

Members of the Staff Council are full-time employees of Emory University and are selected from all organizational areas and employee levels throughout the university.

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